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The best training in Saskatoon. Hands-on, instructor-led, with small class sizes. We prepare you for the real world.

About Us

Free after-class support!

When you take a course from us, you are completely covered after you leave the classroom. Just call or email us with your questions or concerns and we’ll get right back to you with answers. We also have a strict policy of complete confidentiality with regard to client information.

Need training elsewhere in Canada?

We offer the same excellent training in Regina, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto. We teach the old fashioned way – with lots of practice and interaction. This way, you can get going at a very high level the minute you leave the classroom.

Training Calgary People

Training ROI Conservatively, one hour of classroom instruction is worth 3 to 4 hours of self-study. After deducting the cost of a course and the time spent in class (at $30 per hour, for example, including salary and employer overhead)—and allowing for even a modest productivity gain of 20%—our courses result in an annual Return On Investment of just over 1300%. That's pretty good!