Workflow Audit Corporate Envisionning

Peter Drucker once said: ďThere is nothing as useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.Ē A Workflow Audit tracks every action that occurs within a firmís operations. And, yes, it almost always identifies actions that have zero value but which cost a good deal. But they also identify areas of overlooked value. What else does the Audit tell us? Things like whatís getting done. At what cost. And what isnít getting done. At what cost.

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Corporate Envisioning 2 days | Ask for quotation

Just about every CEO insists that innovation is critical to their firmís future. Curiously, few talk about imagination. Or consensus. And what about innovation at the top? Is there a grand corporate vision - a roadmap - for the future at your firm? An envisioning session gathers together your core group of key leaders and our facilitator along with several global experts in relevant fields. Over a 2-day period, we then begin to formulate a shared vision for your company Ė one that will serve as a reference point and a rallying point for the future. This process itself is incredibly powerful in terms of generating ideas and vision, and the entire exercise is a hugely effective means of building consensus.