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As a source of competitive advantage, human capital and productivity are as important as physical or financial resources. Our training and consulting services range from facilitating strategic planning sessions to helping organizations create an effective team environment. We can provide custom training programs to meet virtually any organizational need, including:

Core Management Skills 3 days | $1495 + GST

Supervisors in today's organizations are under increasing expectations to produce more tangible results with less resources, support and manpower. Maximizing the personal effectiveness of people at all levels of the organization is becoming a bottom line issue. This program will equip you with the necessary skills and tools needed to be an effective supervisor.

Part I - Interpersonal Skills
Part II - Team Building Skills
Part III - Administrative Skills

Facilitative Management 4 days | $2095 + GST

Part I - The coaching process

Successful coaching follows a fairly predictable process and leads to superior performance, commitment to sustained improvement and positive relationships. This program is designed to explore the skills required to be an effective coach in a management context.

Part II - Facilitator Training

This program is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate a wide variety of effective meetings. Facilitating a group properly can greatly enhance the quality of thinking and the ultimate quality of the meeting results.

Part III - Leadership

This program will explore a range of leadership styles and provide an understanding of the best style to use in different situations. Leadership is the process of influencing the behaviours of others. To lead effectively, managers must be aware of their leadership style and understand their sources of power and how to use it.

Part IV - Leading Problem Solving Groups

The ability to effectively solve problems within a group setting is critical for all managers in today's workplace. This program will provide the participants with the techniques necessary to conduct effective problem solving groups.

Team Development 4 days | $2095 + GST

While individual stars may shine, only collaboration and teamwork achieve the results organizations need to stay competitive. This program covers team development from start to finish, helping individuals learn how to improve their interpersonal effectiveness, minimize conflict, and support, challenge, and inspire their fellow team members to achieve extraordinary results.

Part I - Building Effective Teams

This workshop is designed to identify and learn how to manage team dynamics inthe pursuit of organizational goals.

Part II - Conflict Resolution

This workshop is designed to prepare participants to manage organizational conflict effectively. It will help participants develop the necessary attitudes, perspectives, emotional control and interpersonal skills required to move a conflict situation towards a productive resolution.

Part III - Managing Team Development

This workshop is designed for managers who either lead a team or manage multiple work teams. It clarifies what is required to successfully develop and lead a mature, fully-functioning team.

Part IV - Team Problem Solving

This workshop integrates three key components of solving problems in teams.

Receptivity is enhanced through the use of experiential exercises which require participants to demonstrate openness to new ideas, original thinking, mental flexibility and changing perceptual frameworks. Participants also practice building and maintaining an open and supportive team climate through the use of a simple climate-checking process, listening skills, risk-taking, open communication and trust-building behaviours.

Skill building is achieved through successive practice in team problem solving. Exercises move from short generic problems to more complex and workplace relevant topics. The design is sufficiently flexible to accommodate a wide range of problem types and participant experience.

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Part V - Working in Teams

This workshop is designed to explore the concept of work teams and to demonstrate the principles and skills required to develop successful ones.

Change Management 2 days | $1150 + GST

This program will equip leaders to manage the course of making changes in a planned or systematic fashion. The aim is to effectively guide the implementation of new methods and systems in an ongoing organization.

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Class Schedules

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Facilitative Management
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Other Corporate Training

The Team Development and Change Management courses are scheduled upon request. Please contact us for details.