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Excel Level 1 1 Day | $275 + HST

This one-day course teaches you the basics of working with spreadsheets - entering numbers, creating formulas, and using predefined functions. You will learn how to change the layout of your worksheet and enhance its appearance. You will practice on multiple sheets within a file and learn how to setup and print your worksheet.

The Excel Environment

  • Creating new documents
  • Understanding the ribbon
  • Navigating through cells
  • Excel shortcuts
  • Adding content to cells
  • Working with Sheets


  • Number, text and date formats
  • Formatting cells
  • Working with columns and rows
  • Format Painter
  • Merging and fitting content in cells
  • Freezing panes

Functions and formulas

  • Functions vs formulas
  • Basic formulas
  • Choosing a function
  • Auto functions
  • Fill utility

Saving and Printing

  • Saving options
  • Print Preview
  • Page Setup
  • Headers and footers

Excel Level 2 2 Days | $525 + HST

In this two-day course you will learn how to handle spreadsheets that are spread across multiple pages or may be too big to manage easily. We will practice using built-in functions to perform complex calculations and formulas and techniques that streamline repetitive tasks. As you know, a simple chart can say more than a sheet full of numbers and, as you'll see, creating charts is really very easy.

Customizing excel

  • Custom ribbon
  • Quick access toolbar
  • Freezing panes
  • Arranging windows

Functions and formulas

  • Goal seek
  • Referencing multiple sheets and pages
  • Absolute and relative formulas
  • Creating advanced functions
  • Naming Cells and ranges

Sort and filter

  • Format as Table
  • Sorting Multiple levels
  • Sort by colour
  • Working with custom filters
  • Advanced filters


  • Protecting Files
  • Protecting Sheets
  • Protecting Books


  • Creating charts
  • Editing charts
  • Formatting charts
  • Creating chart templates
  • Drawing and Image tools

Working with External data sources

  • Importing Text files
  • Importing MS access tables
  • Retrieving content from the web

Data Validation

  • Understanding rules
  • Adding Input and error messages
  • Creating lists

Conditional Formatting

  • Formatting based on Values
  • Using formulas to format
  • Working with icon sets and data bars

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Excel Level 3 2 Days | $525 + HST

Advanced students love this course covering the more advanced concepts and features of Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to increase your productivity with Macros and you will gain the skills to tackle the most complex data analysis.

What If analysis

  • Goal seek
  • Data tables
  • Scenarios

Consolidating Data

  • Consolidate multiple sheets
  • Consolidate multiple books

Advanced functions

  • Lookup
  • Splitting cells / combining cells
  • If / and / or
  • Nesting functions

Advanced Excel Tricks

  • Trace presidents and dependants
  • Group and outline
  • Subtotals
  • Working with templates
  • Creating forms
  • Tracking changes


  • Recording macros
  • Absolute vs Relative
  • Intro to VBA
  • Running macros
  • The personal macro workbook

Pivot tables

  • Creating a pivot table
  • pivoting data
  • formatting a table
  • Drilling down
  • Creating pivot charts
  • Working with pivot data
  • The Slicer

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Advanced Formulas & Functions in Excel2 days | $695 + HST

Excel's core strength is its ability to perform calculations, and calculations are done with formulas and functions. In this two-day workshop you will learn advanced functions and formulas. With this class you will be laying the foundation for future self-learning up to a very high level of complexity.

Creating Formulas, Review of the basics

  • cell reference
  • autosum and auto fill
  • mathematical symbols
  • rules of formula making
  • rules of functions
  • the fx button
  • nesting functions
  • sum, average, min, max, count, etc.

Logical Functions

  • if
  • and
  • or
  • true/false

Reference Functions

  • advance vlookup
  • match
  • choose
  • index
  • offset
  • indirect

Statistical Functions

  • median
  • rank
  • large and small
  • countblank

Data Functions

  • weekday
  • networkdays
  • workday
  • dateif

Math Functions

  • mod
  • rand and randbetween
  • convert
  • aggregate

Financial Functions

  • pmt
  • fv
  • fv

Information Functions

  • is
  • iserr, iserror, iferror

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Excel Pivot Tables1 Day | $325 + HST

PivotTables are one of the most powerful features of Microsoft Excel. They allow large amounts of data to be analyzed and summarized in just a few mouse clicks without the use of formulas. By moving, or pivoting, fields of data from one location to another using drag and drop we can look at the same data in a number of different ways. This one-day workshop explores the uses and versatility of Pivot Tables that make any user an instant expert.

Topics covered:

  • creating a pivot table
  • rearranging fields in a pivot table
  • explaining the report layout options
  • using the report filters feature
  • using top 10 & date filters
  • handling blank cells
  • drilling down in the pivot table
  • sorting a pivot table
  • formatting a pivot table


  • creating custom formats
  • explaining the grouping options
  • adding formulas to a pivot table
  • changing a calculation in a pivot table
  • replicating a pivot table
  • counting with a pivot table
  • using pivot charts

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Word 11 day | $275 + HST

Microsoft Word is the world's most popular word processing program and justifiably so. It is easy to use and extremely versatile. Our two-day workshop will take you through the basics and into the realm of really sophisticated documents.

Creating a Basic Document

  • the interface
  • open and view a document
  • customize the word environment
  • enter text
  • save a document

Editing a Document

  • insert, delete, or rearrange text
  • undo changes
  • search and replace text

Formatting Text

  • change font appearance
  • set tabs to align text
  • control paragraph layout
  • apply styles
  • create lists
  • insert footnotes and endnotes
  • add captions
  • add hyperlinks
  • table of contents

Adding Tables

  • create a table
  • modify the table structure
  • format a table
  • convert text to a table or tables to text

Inserting Graphic Objects

  • using symbols and special characters
  • insert illustrations

Controlling Page Appearance

  • control page layout
  • add watermarks
  • add headers and footers

Proofing a Document

  • check spelling, grammar, and word count
  • using the thesaurus
  • customize autocorrect options
  • managing lists
  • sort a list

Modifying Pictures

  • resize a picture
  • adjust picture appearance settings
  • wrap text around a picture

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Custom Training. We love it when clients ask for custom training. Whether your team wants to combine certain topics from various courses or needs us to create a completely customized solution using your data, this is something we do really well. (Available for groups of three or more.)

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